In 2017, The KEY Collective’s @#areuin? card program was launched to provide NH’s economically disadvantaged K-12 students access to out-of-school programming that they might not typically have access to due to financial constraints.


The #areuin? card gives these students the same opportunity as their peers with financial means, without having to experience the stigma of going through the red tape of applying for financial assistance each and every time they want to enroll in an out-of-school program.


By using the Federal Free & Reduced Lunch Program or Medicaid eligibility criteria, as well as qualified referrals from approved validators, every #areuin? card member is automatically vetted as being financially eligible for programs offered through The KEY Collective’s partner organizations and The KEY Collective’s voucher program.


To learn more about the #areuin? card program, please visit Frequently Asked Questions.


To learn more about how you can support our region’s youth-in-need, please visit How Can I Help? 


" I am so excited and thankful to be part of this program. My girls will have a chance to do something which I can't afford."

Single Mom of 3 Girls

Lots of fun & smiles were had at our annual fundraising event
Ben Baldwin and the Big Note at The Word Barn in June!
Thanks again to everyone who came out to support us. 

Enjoy these photos from the afternoon and be sure to check back here for details about our upcoming 2022 event.