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Seahawks Youth Football

Exeter Seahawks Youth Football is a non-profit organization that serves 2nd – 8th grade youth from Exeter and its surrounding towns. Our program is a member of the Seacoast Junior Football League (SJFL), which plays local games in tackle football throughout the fall season for grades 5-8.  Our Youth Tackle Fundamentals program is available for grades 2-4.


The Exeter Seahawks have a value system that focuses on Safety, Respect, Responsibility and Instruction. There are no tryouts or experience requirements - every player participates. Our mission is to help the boys and girls of our organization become responsible teammates, achieve personal goals, develop individual confidence and most of all, have a love of the game and the community they are a part of.


Registration is open until mid-September.  For more information on our program, please visit our website or email

To register, please follow the Online Registration link on the website. In the player profile questions regarding medical history, etc please enter your #AreUIn? Card ID number in the appropriate box. At checkout, please select the #AreUIn? Member option for payment. After registration is submitted and the Card ID number is verified, you will receive an email that states your registration is officially completed.

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