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Frequently asked questions …


How do I sign-up for a card?

If you have been approved for free or reduced lunch or are on Medicaid, either fill in the simple online sign-up form  and attach a photo of your free & reduced lunch acceptance letter/Medicaid card, or mail in a copy of both at the address provided.


My child does not qualify for free & reduced lunch or Medicaid, can they still get a card?

Your child may qualify for a card if you have a qualified referral made by an approved validator.  An approved validator is a professional (school nurse, guidance counselor, doctor, nurse, therapist, social service worker, town welfare manager, etc.) who is familiar with your family’s financial situation.  Please have them submit a sign-up form on your child’s behalf.


Where can I use my card?

The KEY Collective currently has partners that are offering free or reduced programs in NH’s seacoast region.  Please visit the Programs section of our website to learn more. The KEY Collective’s new voucher program can be used at any non-partner organization.


What is the new scholarship voucher program?

The voucher program was created to give youth access to out-of-school activities and programs where scholarship funds aren’t offered by that organization (music lessons, karate, dance, art, STEM activities, etc.)


How do I apply for a scholarship voucher?

#areuin? card members are eligible to apply for up to $200 annually for an out-of-school program or activity.

To apply, please visit the Voucher Program link under Programs on our website and either submit the form online or mail it in.  You will receive a response within 72 hours.  If approved, The KEY Collective will pay the organization offering the program directly on your behalf.


Can I sign up for more than one partner program (ie. YMCA, soccer and softball)?

Yes!  You can sign up for as many partner programs as you would like and encourage you to do so!  We have many card members that are enrolled in multiple programs throughout the year.


How do I use my #areuin? card to sign up for a program?

Most of our program partners have their own sign-up process, whether it is online or in person.  Please visit a partner’s program page on our website for details or contact the partner organization directly.  No matter what the process is, you will not be required to provide financial eligibility since the #areuin? card proves eligibility.


Do I need to re-apply for the #areuin? card each school year?

Yes.  Membership cards expire annually in October.

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