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Journeyman Basketball

Journeyman offers 33% off its programs to #areuin? card members.  Current #areuin? card members can start the registration process by emailing a photo of their #areuin? card to

The Journeyman program is unique in our community. It isn’t a league or a camp, yet in some ways it is. It is run by a team of volunteers along with tenured staff that receive a controlled stipend and is as solid as any professional organization you could find.

Let’s make a few things very clear about our players. They work hard, they respect their opponent and although statistics are tracked, they couldn’t care less about them. Statistics are tracked simply as a measuring tool by volunteers who believe in the way our system works. Since we are supported by so many people who believe in our program, we can provide statistics as a privilege.

Our players believe that Community involvement is important. They don’t just talk about it, they take action by taking part in community service projects.

Our players develop their Character by abiding by the JPA contract and following the unique rules of the program. We believe you can play hard, be extremely competitive and still respect your opponent.

Finally our players understand the true meaning of Commitment. They are not easily distracted by the first bad game or poor performance. They understand what being there for their team means with the use of communication and persistence. They know that getting better was a choice and have decided to stay committed to that choice.

Your Journeyman player will meet somewhere between 15-20 times in the gym over a 10-12 week period, with coaches and teammates to take part in fundamental drills in a character building environment. 10 to 12 of these meetings will include a game. The nights they meet will depend on their age and division. This information is available on the registration page.

We run 3 sessions a year. From mid January to the end of March is our Winter Session, mid June to the end of August is our Summer Session and from mid September to the end of November is our Fall Session.


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