The #areuin? Card Program was started to give our region’s students on the Free & Reduced Lunch Program access to other programs, services and goods that they might typically not have access to due to financial constraints. The program partners with local organizations to offer free or significantly reduced memberships, services and/or goods to these vetted students.

The desired outcome of this program is to give financially disadvantaged youth the same opportunity as their peers with financial means, without having to experience the stigma of going through the red tape to be eligible for the programs and services our partners offer. Streamlining the verification process is important as it reduces the stigma and social barriers to accessing a number of programs such as sports, arts and other community initiatives.

Of the 500+ SAU16 students reached
165 signed up for the #areuin? Card (30%)
  • 60% Boys, 40% Girls
  • 40% Elementary, 30% Middle, 30% High
Of the 165 card members
61 enrolled in a program (40%)

The majority of partners reported having approximately 5% of enrollments register through #areuin? Card program.


5 Partnerships were established in the program’s first year. As of September 2018, there are 10 partnerships and the list keeps growing.

In October 2017, the program was nationally recognized by the Aspen Institute as an emerging grassroots program at the Let’s Play Summit in Washington, DC. 



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The KEY Collective envisions every child without the financial means having the same opportunities available to their peers, available to them, without any social stigma attached.

The KEY Collective is a registered non-profit 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.