Activity Gap

Access to after-school programs is growing more unequal, and that's pushing disadvantaged kids further behind.

Extracurriculars Are More Than Nice-to-Have:

They’re Essential

Low-income and minority students are at a structural disadvantage when it comes to accessing out-of-school opportunities


Many Fewer Kids In After-school Programs Despite Greater Need, America After 3 PM Report Finds


The widening gap between rich and poor in America — even before the pandemic — is shown in a new report on children’s access to after-school programs. 


A survey of 30,000 households in January through March 2020 by the Afterschool Alliance showed a large drop in the number of children attending after-school programs and showed that parents have less access to these programs.

Study: Kids who participate in team-based extracurricular activities have better mental health  

Extracurricular activities that nurture a sense of belonging with peers appear to bolster preteen's mental health, new research from the University of British Columbia suggests.




Afterschool Activities: Striking the Right Balance




Research: Team Sports Improve Kids’ Mental Health


Many parents are already aware of the physical benefits of having their kids play sports.  But, a recent study shows that engaging in team sports can actually help kids ward off depression too.


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